Calcium: Deficiencies, Effects, Symptoms & Foods

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Ailments Linked to Calcium Deficiencies

Depression PMS symptoms Nails, brittle and breaking Skin, dry Teeth, yellowing Muscle cramps Eyes twitching Tension Spasms Insomnia Kidney stones High blood pressure Irritability Heartbeat, abnormal Bone deformities Bone pain Muscle weakness Healing of factures slow Osteoporosis Osteomalacia Tetany Hyperactivity Anxiety Blood clotting failures Arthritis Multiple sclerosis Restless leg syndrome Periodontal disease Menopausal issues Dysmenorrhea Hypercholesterolemia

Symptoms of Calcium Deficiencies

Any of the above ailments

Foods High in Calcium

Almonds Molasses, blackstrap Beans Brazil nuts Broccoli Chick peas Cabbage Dairy Celery Collard greens Flax seeds Oats Okra Oranges Kale Kelp Oranges Papaya Sesame seeds Spinach Swiss chard Tahini (sesame seed butter) Turnip greens

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