What is Colic?

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

COLIC SUCCESS: “Recently we became happy parents. When I was getting ready to become a mother, I studied a lot of material but did not conceive what it means “colic” on babies. Nobody could tell me exactly why it happened and how I could handle them. When I found that my baby has colic I did not know what to do, I started to use different ways, including giving her special medicines, magnesium, bacteria, but she got worse. Then I stopped to give her anything except breast milk and holding her in my arms all the time. I was exhausted in a couple of days.

One midwife advised me to take calmag every day after I delivered a baby. I was taking one cup of CalMag-C every day and one cup of magnesium drink every day. I was thinking that the source of our troubles is in something else.

“But my consultant on vitamins advised us to increase gradually the dose of CalMag-C while colic don’t cease. She said that the body should get enough calcium and magnesium, because it was not getting enough of them a long period of time and, as a result, baby had colic. So I was gradually increasing the amount of CalMag-C intake and I started to see the progress with my baby, it happened not in one day, but also gradually. So in two weeks from then my baby was all OK!

“So my baby is not now even 2 months old, but she is not suffering from colic, though “professionals” say that it is normal for babies to suffer from colic until they are 3 months old. I wish everyone to have calm and healthy children!”

Olga T, Russia

Colic – The Importance of Intestinal Motility*

(*Motility: Moving or having the power to move spontaneously.)

Deficiencies of almost any nutrient can cause digestive problems resulting in colic, whether it is with a baby, child, teenager or adult. Depending on dietary habits or stress in one’s life, one can experience – or not – problems with digestion. Colic is merely a manifestation of inadequate diet, regardless of whether there’s stress in life or not. If the diet is adequate, the body can cope with many stresses. If inadequate, it just can’t cope. It’s that simple.

Digesting Food

Intestinal Motility: “Normal rhythmical contractions of the muscles in the walls of the stomach and small intestines for hours after eating, mixing the food mass with digestive juices, enzymes, and bile and bringing the already digested food into contact with the absorbing surface of the intestinal walls. Without such contractions, foods cannot be well digested or absorbed.”

Excerpted from Let’s Get Well by Adelle Davis.

Besides all the many nutrients needed to sustain life, in order to digest food, the intestines need to be able contract and relax and in order for muscles to do this, you need the main minerals calcium and magnesium as well as potassium and real unrefined salt. As you see in the success story above, Instant CalMag-C can help, even for babies.

How Contraction of Muscles Work

The nervous system has to “conduct electricity” through the body so it can function and help the muscles contract and relax. In order to function you need certain nutrients, two of which are calcium and magnesium. If you’re deficient in either of these two nutrients or salt and potassium, it can interrupt the “electricity” (ability to contract and relax) supply in your body and you will feel the symptoms, such as spasms, indigestion, stomach cramps, colic etc. Calcium contracts muscles (including the intestinal muscles) and magnesium relaxes them.

(Editor’s note: when referring to salt we mean unrefined sea salt.)

Why Instant CalMag-C Works

Instant CalMag-C has been formulated in a 2:1 blend of calcium gluconate and magnesium carbonate with vitamin C to adjust the pH so your body can actually absorb the calcium and magnesium. Instant CalMag-C is ready for absorption the minute you drink it. It’s almost as if it has been pre-digested.

Why boiling water

It is made with boiling water and this is very important as calcium particles are large and the chemical reaction (the fizzing you see) that occurs when dissolving the powder with boiling water, breaks them down into smaller, absorbable ones. That’s why it absorbs so rapidly into your body and you can feel the difference, literally in minutes.

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Nutritional Practitioner

If you’re suffering from colic or cramps and you’ve tried the above recommended solution/s without any change, we strongly urge you to get with a nutritional practitioner who knows what he’s doing and can help get your digestion fixed up. We do NOT recommend drugs as they usually worsen the condition.

DISCLAIMER: Nothing in this article or e-mail is meant to treat, diagnose, prevent or cure any medical condition. This email and all the information in it is not a substitution for medical care provided by a licensed medical doctor.

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